How to sculpt jack skellington

How to sculpt jack skellington

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First up you'll need some sculpey and tools to shape it.

Also some tin foil and armature wire.

Make the shoulder and neck armature and roll a ball of tin foil for Jacks head.

Smooth sculpey over the ball.

And also use sculpey to shape jacks shoulders and neck.

Push the eye sockets in and use some sculpey to shape the outer edges of Jacks eyes.

Using the shaping tools add some detail to Jacks head.

Bake the sculpey and it's time to start working on Jacks body.

Roll out a stripe to make the lapels for the jacket.

Here's the trimmed down lapels.

Time to make Jacks bat bow tie.

More bow tie detail.

Bat head addes.

Baked and ready for sanding.

A bit more wet and dry.

Primed in white paint.

Primed in white paint.

Painted in acrylic paint.

Painted in acrylic paint.

Well there he is. If you fancy seeing more of my sculpts head on over to

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