How to make mega-sized rice krispy treats

How to make mega-sized rice krispy treats

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On low heat, and in a large pot; start with a stick and half of butter. Melt somewhat and then add the large marshmallows

This is about 3, 10 ounce bags of large marshmallows. Over very low heat, start to melt down the marshmallows

While its melting down, butter a large dish. This is a 15x10x2

Once your marshmallows are smooth and melted, remove from heat and add the rice cereal

I use nearly the whole box of rice cereal. One of the largest sized boxes. Add half the box, stir, then add the rest. Make sure to scrap to the bottom to get it mixed well

Now, add the mini marshmallows. I use about 3 cups but add as many or less, as you like. This is when it gets messy and sticky but keep mixing well

Press into your dish

And now..the chocolate. I melt down a giant size Hershey bar

Over the double broiler, melt slowly as not to scorch the chocolate

Take a spoon and drizzle over top

As you can see the when you cut them the marshmallows are all through the squares..very large servings :)

This recipe makes enough to feed at least 20 kids. I make these a lot for parties and school events. Enjoy!

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