How to make vegan pasta sauce!

How to make vegan pasta sauce!

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In a large pot add extra virgin olive oul

Add veggie "meat" to your pot

Like this

Add your onions

Add your green, orange and yellow peppers

Add pepper

Add paprika

Add oregano

Add basil

Turn your heat up to about half way and start cooking everything in your pot

Get 3 tomatoes (mine are huge so you might need more than 3)

Chop up 2 and put them in your blender

Don't have to make them small, but cut them enough to be blended

Cut up half an avocado

Put the avocado in the blender

Blend! This is your sauce. Nothing from a can here!!!

I chopped up half of my last tomato and put them in my sauce

Here is how everything together looks. Now bring it to a boil, cover and simmer for min 1 hour

Here's how it looks after I let it simmer

I add the garlic last

Used my garlic press to add the garlic, stir it around and now it's ready to eat!

Ready to eat! (I added franks red hot sauce cause I put that shit on everything).

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